Roomba 770 vs 880: Comparison & Reviews

Key Differences Between Roomba 770 vs 880

  • Effectiveness. Since the Roomba 880 is the newer version it has 5x more vacuuming and suctioning power than the 770 model. As a result, it not only removes 50% more dirt, but the bin carries double the amount than the other model.
  • Systematic Cleaning. Because of the virtual mode you can program the 880 to clean the room you want it to clean and stay out of the room you don’t want it to. This isn’t possible with the 770 which transitions from room to room regardless.
  • Features. The 880 features dual counter-rotating extractors that grab dirt from any floor type. As a result, it reduces hair tangles and brush maintenance. This feature isn’t present in the 770 series.
  • Focused cleaning. The 770 model has the ability to identify dirtier rooms in your home which require intense & focused cleaning. The 880 doesn’t have this ability.
  • Battery life. The difference between the two is the Roomba 880 has double the battery time compared to its 770 counterparts.
  • Weight. The 770 model is slightly heavier than the 880 but it still performs as effectively.
  • Aesthetics. If how the vacuum cleaner looks is one of your top considerations, know that the 770 is more visually appealing than the 880. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference.
  • Performance. Unfortunately, the iRobot Roomba 770 doesn’t effectively clean up accumulated dust as is the case with the 880. However, the Roomba 880 properly cleans dust particles—up to three full bins of dust per clean.
  • Notifications. Though the 770 and 880 are designed to send notifications to the cleaner when the dust bin is full—the latter doesn’t always do so.

Comparison Chart

Below is a side by side comparison to get a clearer understanding of their applications:

iRobot Roomba ModelRoomba 770Roomba 880
Dimensions13.4” x3.6” x 13.4”3.6” x 13.9”
Battery LifeLasts three hours.Ex3 battery life.
AccessoriesPower cord and batteries.Extractors, power cord, batteries.
Multi-Room NavigationPresentPresent
Virtual Wall LighthousesPresentPresent
Dust BinSmallerHolds 50% more dirt.
SchedulingAuto schedule.Convenient scheduling.
Remote ControlPresentPresent
Cleaning SystemDirt-detect series II technology, 3-stage cleaning.Aeroforce, room to room, iAdapt navigation technology.
HEPA filterDual HEPA filters.Dual HEPA filters.
Brush SystemSpinning side brush.Spinning side brush.
ProblemsNoisyCleans randomly

iRobot Roomba 770 Review

iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features

One of its best features is the iAdapt navigation technology. As a result, it enables the vacuum to use a full suite of sensors to navigate and move around obstacles such as cords & carpet fringes.

In addition, it comes with two virtual walls that allow you to clean the rooms you want it to—and blocking out those you don’t want it to access. End result: You won’t waste unnecessary battery power.

Also, this robotic vacuum has a stage three cleaning system. This means it’s designed to agitate, suction and brush floors.

However, even though it’s meant to pick up 98% of dirt, dust and debris it doesn’t pick up accumulated dust as effectively. As a result, you might have to go over the area with a manual brush which is a bit inconvenient.

Another useful feature is the dirt detector series. As the name implies it identifies the dirtier areas. As a result it focuses cleaning where it’s needed most.

In addition, you can conveniently schedule up to 7x per week cleaning—or simply press “clean” on the robot—and it’s good to go. This vacuum automatically docks and recharges. It easily adjusts & brushes most (not all) floor types.

  • Large storage compartment so you only empty once after cleaning.
  • Navigates and cleans angles with ease.
  • Battery lasts long.
  • Cleans pet hair effectively with no tangling.
  • Quite durable.
  • Doesn’t navigate around telephone or lamp cords leading to tangling and abrupt stops.
  • It can’t transition from floors to rugs.
  • Doesn’t effectively pick up accumulated dust on the hardwood.
  • Noisy on hardwood floors.
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Roomba 880 Review

iRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum

Key Features

This is a great buy. Why? Ever since its release date, this model has been gaining popularity compared to the 770. One of its best features has to be the AeroForce three-stage cleaning system.

Because of this system, it delivers up to 50% more cleaning performance. In addition, it features tangle-free extractors. As a result, there is minimal hair and debris clogging in the vacuum.

Another useful feature is the AeroForce high-efficiency filter which enables the vacuum to trap fine dirt and dust.

It effectively works on all floor types and can fit under most furniture—with little to no maintenance. Plus it auto adjusts to clean different floor types. It allows for room to room cleaning in up to three rooms thanks to the Virtual Wall Lighthouse beacons.

Also, unlike other robotic vacuums, it has a double extended battery life. This means you can clean a larger space before the battery dies down on you which is super convenient.

Finally, because of its wall to wall technology, it easily accesses those hard to reach corners.

  • Easy to use.
  • Quieter than most vacuums.
  • Effectively cleans up dust from any surface.
  • Extended battery time.
  • Instruction manual not easy to understand.
  • The machine doesn’t stop cleaning even if the bin is full.
  • HEPA system not as effective (Dust thrown up during cleaning can affect allergies).
  • Socks and small toys can block the roller.

Our Verdict

Roomba 770 vs 880? Which is better? Let’s face it: Though the prices are slightly similar the Roomba 880 is the newer version. As such certain specs of the 770 model were modified to perform even better than before. Is this to say it surpasses the 770? Absolutely.

Sure, the 770 model takes the cup in terms of appearance, but that’s usually the least important consideration when purchasing a vacuum right?

According to the comparison chart the 880 ticks all the right boxes where performance is concerned.  From the virtual wall lighthouse mode to the double extended battery life—it’s a step ahead of the 770. Plus you get it at the best price. But don’t just take our word for it. Why not give it a try?