Blink XT vs Arlo Pro vs Nest Cam Outdoor: What’s the Difference?

Key Differences between Blink XT vs Arlo Pro vs Nest Cam Outdoor


  1. Motion & Detection. While all three have motion detection system to alert you of suspicious movements, the Arlo Pro is a step ahead. It’s the only camera with a Geofencing option. This feature works with the GPS on your smartphone. As soon as you leave home it immediately activates the motion & sound detection system.
  2. Design. The Blink XT has a traditional & relatively simple design and comes only in black. The Arlo and Nest are more stylish & modern. However, the Nest Cam is the most striking of the three. In addition, it weighs only 0.7lb making it the lightest. Because of its dimensions, it’s more likely to fit in any space whether indoor or outdoor.
  3. Performance. The Blink XT offers a better night vision range. Pictures are clear even from up to twenty feet away. The Arlo Pro isn’t far behind because it provides a night video in black & white with clarity & detail.
  4. Battery life. The battery on the XT is said to last up to two years which is pretty impressive—only if you avoid outdoor installation of the base. The battery life on the other models will last a couple of months. But then again it all depends on usage and settings.
  5. Video Quality. The Blink XT and the Nest Cam both have a resolution of 1080p in comparison to the Arlo Pro which records in 720p.This means the video quality is almost twice as clear compared to the Arlo Pro.
  6. Wireless. If you want a wireless camera pick between the Arlo Pro and Brink XT. This means there’re no hassles associated with power cords making them easy to navigate. The same can’t be said about the Nest cam since it’s wired.
  7. Installation. The Arlo Pro and Blink XT are relatively quicker & simpler to install compared to the Nest Cam. The latter involves more processes including drilling holes and running cords to set it up. As a result, it’ll take longer while the other two models take just a few minutes. You must download the user manual in PDF to get information on how to install the Nest Cam.
  8. Storage. The Arlo Pro is the only camera that provides users with free storage space for up to seven days. Unfortunately, with the Blink XT you don’t have an option to upgrade local storage for any additional footage. As a result to create more space you have to delete some of your saved recordings. The Nest Cam only gives you access to the previous three hours of free cloud recording. To access the rest you need to pay subscriptions.

Comparison Chart: Netgear Arlo and Blink and Nest Cam Outdoor

Security Camera ModelNest Cam OutdoorBlink XTArlo Pro
Dimensions3.5” x 2.8” x 2.8”3.23” x 8.98” x 9.06”2.8” x 1.9”x 3.1”
Night VisionAverageInfrared Black & white night video
2-Way AudioPresentAbsentPresent
Response TimeGoodGoodGood
Mobile ApplicationNest mobile app.iOS and Android.Arlo mobile app.
Field of View130 degrees110 degrees130 degrees
Easy to Set UpLonger to set upQuick & simpleQuick & simple
Motion DetectionGoodGoodImmediately activated
Local StorageFree for only three hours.Present only after paying subs.Free storage for seven days.
NotificationsEmail notificationsPhonePhone
Remote ViewingApplicationApplication onlyApplication & web
ProblemsMultiple false alerts.No two way communication system.Freezes occasionally.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The Nest Cam is way cheaper than the other two models. However one of its drawbacks is it doesn’t have a siren while the model has a built-in siren speaker that can be controlled via the mobile app.

One of its main advantages is the Nest Cam can record for 24 hours a day. However for most of its features to function you need to subscribe monthly which is inconvenient. As a result, it may end up costing more than the other two models.

Unfortunately, with the Nest Cam you’ll get multiple false alerts of any insignificant movement because of its increased sensitivity level. This means it can’t differentiate the important activities from the least important. Thankfully that’s not the case with the other two cameras.

Though the Nest is the most attractive of the three devices its aesthetics may be a drawback. The eye-catching design increases its chance of being stolen. Also, the magnetic installation also makes it easy to detach & steal.

From the three cameras, the XT is the only one that doesn’t have a two-way audio system. This means you won’t be able to listen in or speak to people on the other end.

When it does work, it works great but the only disadvantage is it’s not consistent. Sometimes it simply won’t connect to the server even when Wi-Fi coverage is strong.

The Arlo Pro is the only outdoor security camera that offers free cloud storage. Also, it has rechargeable batteries which are convenient.

One of the main drawbacks of the Arlo Pro is the delay between the time it detects activity and when it actually starts recording. This means it doesn’t record continuously 24/7 like the other two cameras and might miss some important footage.

According to some customer reviews, another disadvantage of the ArloPro is the mobile application sometimes freezes.

This means you have to wait till it reconnects. The alternative will be to re-launch it to get it up & running.

Blink XT Home Security Camera System

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System

  • Easy to set up.
  • Attractive exterior.
  • Great wide angle coverage.
  • Overly sensitive to movements.
  • Not weather or waterproof.
  • Connectivity unreliable.

Arlo Pro

Arlo PRO Security System

  • Wireless capabilities.
  • Free cloud storage.
  • Sends alerts immediately.
  • Recordings take long to start.
  • Day time image not as sharp.
  • Not weatherproof as described.
  • Needs frequent recharging.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Security Camera

  • Good video quality.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Long power cord.
  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Delay during two way communication.
  • Non subscribers can’t access most features.
  • No memory card slot.
  • Easy to steal.

Our Verdict

After reviewing the Blink XT vs Arlo Pro vs Nest Cam Outdoor which will you pick? Our votes are in favor of the Netgear Arlo Pro home security camera system.

Sure, it’s the most expensive of the three but it’s a step ahead of its competitors. Here’s why: Not only is it the most reliable but it’s the most durable of the three.

Apart from its trendy & chic design, it has more advanced features compared to the other two models. It has three modes to pick from Disarmed, Armed and Geofencing. As a result, you can set it according to the preferred and current status of your device.

Even though it only records in 720p it’ll take up less storage space leaving more room for additional footage.

This is a favorite for most homeowners because of its satisfying performance. Will you be one of them?