Piper NV vs Canary All-in-One: Comparison & Reviews

Key Differences between Piper NV vs Canary All-in-One


  • Features. Canary records and downloads 30-second breaches in security only in the free cloud storage while Piper downloads the full recording. Moreover, the Field of view of Piper NV is 180 degrees while the field of view of Canary is only 147 degrees.

Piper model has an excellent recording for both indoor and outdoor security while Canary is better for indoor use only. The mobile apps of Canary are slower than those of Piper. Both the products have a temperature sensitive sensor as well. However, piper homekit is all in one solution to your office or home.

  • Communication options. The Piper NV vs Canary battle takes a turn when we evaluate the overall communication options available in both of these cams. The Piper NV makes use of the latest 2-way audio communication.

It is constructed keeping in mind the idea that children are often left home alone and need to be guided so they do the right thing. The Canary option is limited in this way because it offers only one-way communication. You can hear everything that is happening at home but you cannot deliver a message. For a safer and detailed option, the Piper NV takes the lead.

  • Downloads. Downloads are important in security cameras now because there is a greater need to keep things in the record. You can use these recordings for later use as well. Not only for security purposes, but these recordings also have to be obtained if you want to keep memorable moments with you forever.

The Canary All-in-one lacks in this particular point because it lets you record 30-second breaches in security only. You can have full recordings with the Piper NV only. Similarly, the downloading plans available with Piper are much feasible than those of the Canary. Canary does not allow more than 3 free downloads.

  • Alerts. The piper customer reviews have really appreciated the fact that the technology used in this product is the latest. If an intruder enters the house, the Piper model gives you a notification and then the sirens start off automatically.

There is no need for you to get up and press buttons to turn the sirens on. With the Canary, this is a major issue because you have to manually turn on the sirens. However, the Canary also gives you a notification immediately. In sensitive areas, the piper will work well as the sirens are necessary.

  • Compatibility. The major difference between the models is that the Canary is not compatible with all the devices that you have installed in your house. To maintain the indoor and outdoor temperature and make use of the zoom feature and the humidity sensors, it is best to get a piper.

It can be connected to both digital android and iOS devices. With Canary, you will first have to customize the other appliances according to the technology used by Canary as compared with Canary competitors. There is no other way to keep your things safe especially when we talk about piper vs nest. If we take the instance of Piper vs Canary, the first one has more modes of control than Canary.

Side by Side Comparison Chart: Piper and Canary

Security Camera ModelPiper NVCanary All-in-One
Dimensions5.5 x 7 x 8.8 inches6x3 inches
Resolution1080p 1080p
Night VisionYes Yes
2-Way AudioYes No
Mobile AppYes Yes
Field of View180 full view.147 wide angle lens.
Sound & Motion DetectionYes Yes
Cloud StorageYes Yes
NotificationsYes Yes
SirenAutomatic Manual
ProblemsThe design is too mainstream. The mobile application is a bit slow.

Piper NV Review

Piper nv Smart Home Security

Key features

The product uses the latest motion detection technology and offers compatibility with all the other devices that you have kept at your house. It has excellent video quality with a resolution of 1080p.

The humidity sensors are good for keeping a check for any dangers. It has an automatic siren system, which activates as soon as an intruder enters your house.

The cloud storage also allows you to download and keep your recordings for as long as you like. The 2-way audio mode is a new feature, which is appreciated because it is a need for many working parents now when they leave their kids with the nannies.

  • It is very easy to set up and to install smart devices in your house.
  • The mobile application is very flexible and can be used on any mobile type. It also offers mobile notifications.
  • The 180-degree view allows you to keep a check on everything happening at your house.
  • The two-way audio communication feature is new and has made communication very easy.
  • The design is very poor in comparison to the other products available.
  • The siren once turned on, cannot be closed from anywhere outside the house. Someone has to turn it off manually.

Canary All-in-One Security Camera Review


Key features

This camera is a good camera that provides a crisp video quality. It has a 147-degree view, which covers countless things that you want in the frame.

The audio is only one way so you can hear everything that is happening in your house clearly. The siren has to be turned on manually but you get a notification as soon as there is an intruder movement in the house.

It provides a clear night vision and the mobile app can be used from anywhere. It also works on voice control.

  • There is a very secure software which is used in this product.
  • There is a year-long warranty that comes with the product.
  • It is easy to install and manage in the long term as well.
  • It has an intelligent alert system that makes it easy to detect any intruders.
  • The system is a bit weak so there are often fake alerts.
  • The packages are not very efficient and in the long term can be expensive.
Our Verdict  

Based on all the information provided above and the detailed comparison done, it is very clear to see that the Piper NV takes the lead between these two models. Although both the models are good, if you are on a budget and you need to pick just one, then Piper should be your first choice.

The Piper device will prove to be an excellent purchase. As a nanny cam it allows you to contact the nanny and as a home security cam, it has a sensitive siren, which will immediately alert the authorities and keep you safe under all circumstances.