Wink Hub vs Wink Hub 2: Comparison & Reviews

Wink-Hub-vs-Wink-Hub-2-ComparisonWhen it comes to smartest products that allow you to use compatible Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Alexa accessories, these two hubs are virtually identical.

Each hub has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, however, the Wink 2 offers Bluetooth Low Energy that the Wink Hub does not. These smart devices are easy to connect and offer easy synchronization.

If there are any issues with your smart devices you have several different ways of solving the problems. The apps that are used to connect the devices are also easily accessible to everyone.

Moreover, this in-depth review will help you to understand the products in more detail and find the best fit for yourself i.e. Wink Hub vs Wink Hub 2.

Key Differences between Wink Hub Vs Wink Hub 2

  • Battery. While both the devices comprise top-notch design and features, the Wink 2 does have some battery limitations. It needs to be wired up at all times to be used properly and for it to work actively.

The Wink Hub 2 do not have this requirement. You can work by using a battery backup and the Wink Hub 2 will give you the same result.

If you live in a place where you have to experience power shortages and power cuts for longer periods of time, then you should go with Wink 2. The battery backup will last you for at least three hours if you use it carefully.

  • Surveillance. Wink 2 allows you to keep a check on your house or office all the time. This is possible because of the video feature that is installed in the device. The camera is good quality and covers a full area completely.

The detailed surveillance allows you to make sure everything is fine. This feature is not available in Hub 2. There is no camera installed in the device. You cannot see the area where you have placed the device. This gives the Wink Hub 2 an edge over the wink device. For better surveillance, Wink 2 is the right option for you.

  • Connectivity.The connectivity options in the Wink 2 are far greater than those in Wink Hub. Both the devices come with a Wi-Fi support but not both have the Ethernet option available. Only the Wink 2 has the Ethernet option.

This makes connectivity very easy for users who have Wink 2. In many households, people are still using Ethernet and have not shifted to Wi-Fi. In some places, users want the option of both, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. With increased connectivity options, users have a greater chance of buying the product that does not limit them. But, of course, they do need a network connection.

  • Flexibility. The flexibility of smart devices is accounted for by the fact of how well they react to the other devices you have in your home. With the Wink 2, you have a greater flexibility because they connect with most of your house devices.

This will include the wireless and the other types of devices. With the Wink 2, you have a very limited option in connecting to the multiple devices. However, it developed apps which can be installed on various devices to help you stay connected and increase the flexibility of the product.

  • Efficiency. Perhaps the biggest differences in both the devices are the efficiency factor. While both the devices are effective in their own way, the main difference comes when we evaluate the efficiency in how well the users perceive them.

For the users, the Wink 2 model has been a better choice because it does not have many technical aspects that need to be looked after. You do not have to worry about maintenance in Wink 2. It is keeping the model clean is very important as this affects how well it works in the long term. Wink is also user-friendly and is appreciated by the customers for the easy installation process.

Compare Wink Hub 2 and Wink Hub

To understand the dimensions of the Wink 2 Hub and the Wink, there is a need to review the proper difference between the two items in terms of the technical aspects of the models. These are two of the most popular third-party devices and are regarded as smart hubs. Here is a detailed chart that gives side-by-side comparisons of both the wink models.

Smart Hub ModelWink 1st GenerationWink 2nd Generation
Dimensions4.2 x 4.9 x 1.3 inches 7.25″ x 7.25″ x 1.75″
IFTTT IntegrationYesYes
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesYes
Memory64 MB512 MB
Battery BackupNoNo
Mobile AppsYesYes
Z-Wave and ZigbeeYesYes
Warranty1 year1 year
ProblemsNo USB Ports, No Ethernet, Slow.USB Ports - Nill.

Wink Hub Review

Wink Connected Home Hub
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Key Features

This device allows you to connect all of your smart devices in one place and then control them easily. This is the product that does all your work for you for free.

You do not have to pay anything extra to get the added features, it also includes the temperature reports and Bluetooth. The one year warranty allows you to experiment with the various features of the device.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity option makes it easier for you to control the devices in your house even if you are not physically present in the area.

  • The process to set up the Wink device is very easy and simple. The installation does not require any help from professionals.
  • Easy to use mobile apps.
  • The seamless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection does wonders for you.
  • There are plenty of connections which allows for easy connectivity.
  • There are no USB ports in the device so if you want to install something new you would have to use Wi-Fi only.

Wink Hub 2 Review

Wink Hub 2
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Key Features

A device that works with Google Assistant and amazon Alexa, the Wink 2 is new and modern. It will address all your needs once you buy it with a warranty of one year.

The device can be controlled using your voice so if you are busy and cannot change the things physically, just go with a voice control. The Wink app is also synced with the device automatically. This is another feature which is added to this model only.

  • The device allows a more enhanced local support which was not present in the previous versions of the wink series.
  • The upgrade allows you to have multiple ports which can be used for wires and cables.
  • The flexible mobile application can connect you to all the devices swiftly.
  • There is no battery backup available with this device. You cannot use it if there is an electricity break down.

Wink Hub 1 vs 2 – Our Verdict

The final verdict regarding these two devices is that the Wink 2 is definitely much better if we review both Wink Hub 1 vs 2. It provides you with an improved quality of everything and is also more stylish than its previous version.

It is quicker is connectivity and efficiency as well. The connections of Wink 2 are also more secure. Safety is most important when it comes to buying these smart devices. You should always choose safety and security. It will solve all your house needs.