What’s the Difference between Ecobee3 vs Ecobee3 Lite vs Ecobee4?

Difference-Ecobee3-vs-Ecobee3-Lite-vs-Ecobee4The two most popular models of Ecobee are Ecobee3 and Ecobee4 with sensor. The third generation model has its own benefits and is compatible with many of the devices that you install at home.

The fourth generations model is the latest one which has even more features than the previous models. The temperature sensors are highly sensitive and you can control them using various methods. Voice recognition is one of the main factors that has helped to promote the use of these products. The review below will help you to pick the right model for your needs between Ecobee3 vs Ecobee3 lite vs Ecobee4.

Side by Side Comparison Chart: Ecobee3 vs Ecobee 4 vs Ecobee3 Lite

As shown in the chart below, the difference between Ecobee3, Ecobee4, and Ecobee Lite are not many. You just need to know what you are looking for.

Of course, the Ecobee4 model is new and hence has better technology, this is not all that matters, you should check the release date to as well to find out more.

The slight difference in design, the function, and the overall product plays a huge role in the final decision-making process. All the devices have similar looks and features so if you are someone new and have not yet understood the differences, this chart will help you greatly.

Smart Thermostat ModelEcobee3Ecobee3 LiteEcobee4
Generation2nd 3rd 4th
Release Date201520162017
Product Dimensions3.9 x 3.94x 44.29x 4.29
Weight1.35 pounds1 pound1 pound
Wi-Fi2.4 GHz b/g/n2.4 GHz b/g/n2.4 GHz b/g/n
Unique FeaturesYesYesYes
Temperature SensorsYesYesYes
Proximity SensorsYesNoYes
Voice ControlCompatible, but not includedCompatible, but not includedIncluded,with built-in Alexa
Warranty1 year3 year3 year

Key Differences & Comparison between Ecobee3 vs Ecobee3 Lite vs Ecobee4

  • Accessibility. The difference between Ecobee3 vs Ecobee4 and Ecobee3 Lite or between Ecobee3 vs Ecobee3 Lite mainly comes in the accessibility. While the company that has produced the three products is the same, they have made a slight change in the Ecobee4 by installing a microphone in the model.

This microphone and speaker is used to give instructions to the thermostat manually without having to press any buttons. This new model makes the work easier for you as you can control the temperature and the humidity level equally. The temperature monitoring also becomes more accessible as you can now keep a check without having to actually see the screen of the thermostat.

  • Compatibility. For smart devices, the one main thing that you should be concerned about is the remote access. This comes under the broad topic of compatibility i.e. Wi-Fi compatibility and which model number is compatible with that. For now, you need to understand that compatibility is how your smart thermostat will react to the devices that you want to connect to it.

All Ecobee products are highly compatible with Wifi systems and your other smart devices. Also, a user’s manual and geofencing feature come along to guide you step-by-step. But with Ecobee4, this is an issue as it does not 5 GHz WI-Fi standard. However, because most houses have the lower standard of Wifi installed in their house, this does not cause much problem.

  • Durability. The Ecobee3 and the Ecobee3 Lite are said to be less durable than the Ecobee4 because the Ecobee4 is lighter in weight. If you have to carry your thermostat around and have to place it in a place which is not permanent, then you need something which is light.

It is easier to shift and it will not drop from your hands. Even if it does drop, a shortfall will not harm the exterior or the interior. Unlike the version 3, the material used to build Ecobee4 is also sturdier and will last for a long time.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages of using the Ecobee products are a lot because this company has been operating in the market for a long time now. They know exactly what the customers want and they try to keep the models in accordance with the customer’s needs.

Apart from the minor differences between the three products i.e. the difference between Ecobee3 and Ecobee3 lite, the products are very useful with a superior design from their competitors and offer home automation. This Ecobee3 offers thermostat with the sensor, wi-fi, and 2nd generation.

The setup process is also very easy and takes hardly ten or fifteen minutes to complete the process and use your product. The models come with a proper guide that teaches you how to install them without any hassle.

The dimensions of each device are suitable for users and 3rd generation is the unique with a sensor as compared to Ecobee3 1st vs 2nd generation. You can buy Ecobee 3 or third at a low price and it is an Ecobee new model.

The disadvantages of using these products are that they are a bit too pricey. The Ecobee Company is known for its quality but with a high quality, you also have to pay more. However, in the long-term, you will realize that the money you have spent is in the right place.

Ecobee3 Review

ecobee3 Thermostat

Key Features

The Ecobee3 is a smart device that comes with a voice compatibility. It can be controlled using your wifi device so it can keep a check on all your temperature needs. The heating recovery ventilator will take care of all the cooling or heating needs.

  • The sensors installed in the device are very sensitive. They detect any minor changes in the humidifier.
  • Ecobee3 geofencing setup is user-friendly.
  • The smart thermostat increase an incredible bump in performance.
  • Uses less energy to give the same amount of help in return to the user.
  • This is a second generation model so it is a bit old when compared to the other models.

Ecobee3 Lite Review

ecobee3 lite

Key Features

Ecobee3 Lite is one of the newer versions of the Ecobee series so it comes with greater features. You can place this device in your room and it will keep the temperature balances throughout the whole area.

You just have to install the device and it will automatically calculate the temperature and set the mode that is needed to deal with the issue.

  • Saves money in the long run because of the automatic turning on and off feature.
  • You do not have to do any physical labor for installation.
  • You can save a lot as it offers a vacation mode which let you save money while you are on a vacation.
  • Automatically detects and balance the temperature mode.
  • Slightly more expensive than the other models available.

Ecobee4 Review

ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

Key features

The Ecobee4 is the latest model of thermostats. You do not have to do anything to control this device as it is completely automatic. You can adjust the thermostat using your Android or Apple device. The app you need for this feature is available on any app store.

  • Very compatible with all the smart devices that are installed in your house.
  • There is a built-in voice control system which helps you control the thermostat from anywhere in the house.
  • Offers smart cooling and heating decisions to avert your system from unnecessary running.
  • The size of the device is bigger and hence requires more space.

Nest 2 vs Nest 3 – Our Verdict

Overall, all three of the Ecobee devices are very user-friendly. They should be installed at home so that you can save money on the energy bills that pile up each month.

If we have to pick any one of these three thermostats, we will go with the Ecobee4. It is the latest in all the models and hence is technologically more advanced. It will serve you for a longer period of time than the other two devices. It is also cost-effective in the long run and the three-year warranty can greatly aid you in fixing any problems that might come up when you use this device.